The aim of the Mission Hub is to enable mission within the London Baptists by identifying and promoting models of mission and outreach that could be used by the local church.

The Mission Hub committee functions as mission consultants for the local church, helping churches in thinking about and formulating their mission strategy. They seek to increase the LB churches’ ability to evangelise their communities with the love of Christ and thereby contribute to our efforts in helping our churches thrive!

The Mission Hub also functions as a strategic group who will advise and inform the Board and Regional Team on how London Baptists can use its own resources to extend the gospel across London.

The Mission Hub Committee meets 4 times a year to gather and evaluate different mission models that are happening within London and beyond to create resources for mission that could be transferable to different context within London. These mission resources will aid the committee in guiding local churches to creatively think about their mission strategy and outreach efforts.

Let us know if you are involved in a particular mission approach or creative, pioneering mission model that could be applied in different contexts!

The Mission Hub Hour: A Zoom meeting 4 times a year open to all who would like to explore a new mission model and how they can apply it in their context. There will be a mission model presentation followed by a Q&A and a time of prayer.

To find dates for any upcoming events check out the London Baptist Calendar.

For more information or to attend the Mission Hour Zoom meetings, please get in touch with Hany Abdelmasih.

For our November  hour, we had Naomi Mungroo of Christians Against Poverty talking to us about the work of CAP. You can view the recording of the zoom presentation and the Q&A below. A paper detailing how churches can become involved with CAP is downloadable at the bottom of the page.

For our July Mission Hub hour, we had Alex Afriyie of The Turning talking to us about evangelistic initiatives. You can view the recording of his presentation and Q&A below.

At our April Mission Hub Hour, we had Yinka Oyekan of The Gate/In Reach talking to us about church growth strategies. You can view the recording of his presentation and Q&A below.

At our January Mission Hub Hour, we had Peter Dunn of BigLife Ministries talking to us about Disciple Making Movements. You can view the recording of his presentation - and the Q&A afterwards below.

The notes on Peter's presentation can be downloaded below.

Our November mission hub hour featured John Kirkby - the founder of Christians Against Poverty - speaking of his latest initiative. See below.

An overview of the CAP model which can be used by churches

Mission Model Outline for Big Life Ministries

Mission Model for In Reach

Mission Hour Mission Model (3rd November 2022)

An overview of the way The Turning can work with the local church.

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