London Baptist
Property Board

Our trust company, The London Baptist Property Board Ltd. was founded in 1906.

It was established primarily to help churches finance the construction of buildings and to ‘own’ buildings as custodian trustee on behalf of the unincorporated churches across the capital. We provide a savings and loan facility; provide charitable advice and guidance; and offer assistance for churches seeking to redevelop or improve their buildings. As custodian trustee we are also here to 'maintain the trusts' of the churches in our care and ensure that churches hold to the principles in their foundation documents.

Today, we hold in trust church buildings, residential property and financial reserves for 318 churches. Of these, 250 are member churches of London Baptists.  The remainder are either in membership of another regional association or no longer member churches of Baptists Together.  

Regardless of their affiliation, we want to see all our churches thrive. As of the end of 2019, we held approximately £15 million of deposits for churches and have active loans of approximately £3.5 million. We see our trust company as a core part of London Baptists because of the extensive challenges of being a charity in the twenty first century – whilst carrying the legacy of our past – often can cause churches to struggle under immense pressures.  For example, how do you manage a massive Victorian building with a small congregation?  

The Property Board sees its strategic mission as helping all our churches fulfil their gospel mission through the good stewardship of our resources. Perhaps you’re considering a development or a renewal of your premises?  The Property Board would like to hear from you early.   Our professional advisers (Carter Lemon Camerons LLP and Rapleys) attend our Board meetings and are often involved with churches in the early stages of planning for the future.

Current interest rates

(correct as of Tuesday 16th March 2021)

Deposits:  0.15% repayable on demand (funds will be received within 7 days)                                                          
Deposits placed with LBPB significantly help the work of proclaiming the Gospel across the Baptist community in London.

(a) Bridging loans up to one year for manse exchanges 1.60%
(b) Capital project loans for amounts in excess of £25,000 - 2.85% repayable over ten years to help finance redevelopment projects, refurbishment projects and property purchases etc.

Both of these are conditional on satisfying the necessary lending criteria.  The rates are subject to change depending on Bank of England Base Rate.

Trust officer

Board of directors

The London Baptist Property Board is a wholly-owned subsidiary of London Baptists.  The Directors of the parent company appoint Directors to the Property Board who are responsible for the oversight and direction of the charitable company.

All of the Directors are members of Baptist Churches in London.

The Board, which meets about six times a year, is also attended by the trust officer, our solicitor Prod Shakallis of Carter Lemon Camerons LLP and our surveyors, Adam Harvey and Graham Smith of Rapleys.

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