One of the priorities of the Property Board is to support Churches in the maintenance, upkeep, and improvement of their buildings - both Church property itself and associated buildings, such as Manses. 

Our potential support can range from providing advice and finance to assist with repairs and renewals, as well as the acquisition of new property, including manses. An example of how we can help is in the film below; from Worcester Park Baptist Church.

A document outlining the funding available within London Baptists, the wider Baptist movement and beyond including grants in some limited cases can be found below.  The document also provides a point of contact for each of the options available.

Current interest rates

(effective from 14th August 2023)

(a) Bridging loans up to one year for manse exchanges 5.5%
(b) Capital project loans for amounts in excess of £25,000 - 6.5% repayable over ten years to help finance redevelopment projects, refurbishment projects and property purchases etc.

Both of these are conditional on satisfying the necessary lending criteria. The rates are subject to change depending on Bank of England Base Rate.

For further information please contact Martin Shaw.

Funding Sources 2022

Guidance for Mission Partnership Funding Applications 2020

Martin Shaw
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