A support group for those churches who are serving and are engaged in ministry among refugees and asylum seekers.

Especially in London, where many refugees arrive from across the world, this type of ministry will continue to be a vital part of the church’s mission.

We aim to create an opportunity for fellowship, support and encouragement for churches engaged in this vital ministry. To create a place where church leaders can find help and support in their efforts to serve refugees. To learn from others who are already on the journey and share both positive and challenging experiences as well as transferrable ideas.

LB Refugees Network meets four times a year to:

  • Connect: build fellowship and awareness of who is doing what and where
  • Learn: through the sharing of ideas, successes & challenges
  • Become a resource: develop a database and a place to point and invite people who are at the start of the journey
  • Empower each other: through prayer & reflection

If you are a Baptist church/ministry serving refugees in London in whatever capacity, we would love to have you join us!

The dates for 2023 are the 13th September and 29th November. Each meeting will be at 12.30 till 1.30pm on Zoom.

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