London Baptists make grants to churches and projects through our Mission Partnership Funding programme.

Mission Partnership Funding is available to members (i.e. churches, organisations) of London Baptists.

The fund exists to support the ongoing mission and sustainability of London Baptists therefore the priorities of the funding committee are to support outward facing missional activity based in and focused on our geographical area and to encourage partnerships between churches and organisations to maximize their missional efforts.

To qualify for funding applications must demonstrate that the proposed activity:

1.     Is missional i.e. reaches people for Christ and the gospel beyond the boundaries of our worshipping communities.

2.    Promotes Christian discipleship and Kingdom growth.

3.    Where appropriate, is being undertaken in partnership with other Christian organisations and/or Baptist churches.

4.    Is supported by the local church (financially and/or in other ways).

5.    Has a clear and realistic strategic plan with structures in place to effectively manage the implementation of the plan.

6.    Will be conducted by staff and volunteers who are committed to the activity, well supported in their ministry and have appropriate qualifications and experience.

7.    Has a clear financial plan taking into account all possible sources of funding for the activity and considering its long term financial sustainability.

Applicants can apply for a maximum of 50% of eligible project costs or £12,000 (2020 figure), whichever is less, per year for up to 3 years.

If funding is offered for more than one year, the offer will normally reduce each year.

Decisions on who or what can be funded are limited by the available budget (affected in turn by the national Home Mission appeal) and will take into account the “need” of the applicant(s) for the funding to enable the mission activity to go ahead.

To express an interest in applying for the fund, please contact contact the administrator for the programme, Colin Hicks (click below).

Current criteria for the fund - including the application process and lead time involved - can be obtained from the downloadable document below

Guidance for Mission Partnership Funding Applications 2020

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