London Baptists have some restricted funds which provide interest-free loans to churches.

Loans for Churches and Manses

Whilst most of our loans are interest-bearing and made by our trust company: The London Baptist Property Board, London Baptists do have some restricted funds which provide interest-free loans to churches.  These are, primarily, the TW Philpot Trust and the Manse Trust Fund.  We are able – as funds permit – to assist churches build or develop their premises and/or purchase property with the former fund – with the latter one helping us provide manses for churches.  Generally, the ‘cap’ on these loans is around £100,000 (repayable over ten years) but we have, more recently, been known to break this ‘rule’ in specific circumstances. 

If a member church would like to express an interest in applying for a London Baptists loan, please contact Phil Barnard in the first instance.

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