Trust Officer

Jackie has been working as Trust Officer for the Property Board since 2006, which makes her the longest serving employee!  She originally qualified as a Mechanical Engineer, working on Building Services for the Property Services Agency, which was killed off by Margaret Thatcher. Having been made redundant she concentrated on family, church and study before taking up her current role.

She lives in South Croydon with her husband and younger daughter.  Her two other children have long moved out and the youngest is married with two children of his own.  She has been a member at Croham Road Baptist Church for over 40 years and is currently serving as an Elder.  She did a law degree to celebrate her youngest going to school and a certificate in theology to test the water.  She has just completed an MA in Christian Thought and Practice which has more than satisfied any desire to study.

She loves cycling both for pleasure and as a means of transport.  Together with her husband she has been on several touring holidays as well as numerous day trips.

Jackie Penistone
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