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The Children’s & Youth Work Forum



With over 2 million children & young people in London we have an incredible opportunity to reach the next generation with the amazing news of Jesus! But our vast, diverse and complex capital also brings with it some unprecedented challenges! Baptist churches across London are already reaching, serving and connecting the children and young people of our city with the good news of Jesus in creative and exciting ways. As an LBA we want to come alongside this great work to support, encourage and resource churches in this.

To do this the Forum pulls together different voices from youth workers, church leaders, parents and young people to think through how we can bring the love and truth of Jesus in fresh ways to a new generation!



The Children’s & Youth Work Forum is led by a Core Team, a collection of youth and children’s workers, church leaders and parents from right across our capital.

Our team represents the diversity of our churches in age, gender, ethnicity and culture. More than that each person brings different experiences, skills and perspectives as we reflect together on the opportunities and challenges facing children & young people in London and how the church can respond!

Above everything we’re united in our deep desire to help children and young people discover Jesus for themselves and come to know the full and abundant life He offers!



As a Forum we’re focussed on a number of key areas

COLLATE: What’s happening? We want to know about the great children’s and youth work already taking place in our capital so that we can pray, support and encourage people in this as well as inspire others to begin new ventures! As part of this we have an ever-growing database of churches and ministries connected to our work and would love for you to be one of them!

CONNECT: Working better together! We are passionate to connect children’s, youth and families ministries to one another and other organisations so that we can learn from each other, support one another and better serve the young people of our city! We do this through various events happening through the year.

EQUIP: We want to create space for youth, children’s and families ministries and their workers to be equipped and resourced in their work. From wider equipping days to more bespoke training events for your local church, we offer plenty to support what you’re doing. As part of this the Forum partners with the Hebe Foundation (attach link), to help churches think through their work with young people. Just get in touch to find out more.

FACILITATE: We are always looking out for opportunities to bring young people together to discover the life transforming message of Jesus for themselves, whether that be through our own events or connecting you to other great opportunities!

VOICE: We serve as a voice into other networks, whether that’s local, regional or national to make sure that children’s and youth work is giving the priority it needs!



We would love for you to get connected to the Forum.

If you would like to know more just contact our Forum co-ordinator Pete James and he would be delighted to discuss what opportunities there are to connect.


The Forum also partners with the Hebe Foundation to help local churches in the development of their youth worker. If you’d like to know more then contact Amie Buhari on

We would love to hear from you!

We are trying to build a greater network among youth and children’s ministries across London and would love for you to be part of it! If you are serving with a youth or children’s programme at an LBA church then please use the contact form below to get in touch:

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