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Small Church Connexion

Small Church Connexion

The Small Church Connexion was established as an initiative of the LBA in 2003 for mutual help and support between small churches.


Autumn 2016 Retreat


SCC has held 6 encouragement days so far this year and we have been well received. We have been to:

Crossway Christian Fellowship

Eldon Road Baptist Church

Addiscombe Baptist Church

Seven Kings United Free Church (leaders)

Northumberland Heath Baptist Church

Temple Hill Baptist Church

If your church would like members of the Small Church Connexion to encourage you, please contact Hilary Taylor 01784 558414 or email


SCC London has been encouraging other Associations around the UK to also hold events to gather the smaller churches together for fellowship, teaching, resourcing and general encouraging.

Central Baptist Association now send out a regular newsletter to all smaller churches and hold an annual conference. South Eastern Baptist Association recently held 2 day conferences and are planning to link the churches more in the future. South West Baptist Association and East Midlands Association have also held day conferences. Northern BA and Yorkshire meet their small churches regularly and run helpful courses.

SCC are delighted and encourage other Baptist Associations to hold day conferences and other events to regularly encourage the churches who are doing amazing work in God’s name in tough circumstances.


Autumn event 2016

Monday 17th October at Kings Cross Baptist Church

Kings Cross Baptist Church

Includes worship, discussion, networking, resources, stories of encouragement and ideas

Please book in advance – Cost £15.

Further information Contact Hilary Taylor 01784 558414 or


A Toolbox for Small Churches

The Small Church Connexion helped to develop “A Toolbox for Small Churches” which is a spiritual and practical guide to life in small churches and includes 26 stories of how it works in reality from churches across the UK. It was written by Hilary Taylor (LBA Small Church Enabler) and published in 2007. Copies can be obtained from Hilary Taylor. See also her Small Churches Blog –


The Mission Statement of the Small Church Connexion is: “to connect small churches to fulfil their mission” through: Encouraging, Networking, Training, Resourcing, Challenging.


The Small Church Connexion has defined a small church as one having 40 or less people attending the main worship service. The Small Church Connexion works across London in all Districts of the London Baptist Association, and has the full support of the LBA Directors, Regional Ministers, and District Ministers.

Aims and Objectives

The short term aims and objectives of the Small Church Connexion are to:

  • Have a representative from each District on the SCC Team;
  • Make presentations to churches at District level;
  • Hold regular events for the small churches;
  • Run a database for all LBA churches to provide preachers, worship leaders, musicians and help for treasurers;
  • Keep in touch with all small churches with our newsletter;
  • Promote the Mission@Home project

The long term aims and objectives of the Small Church Connexion are to:

  • Ensure small churches are valued;
  • Ensure small churches are resourced well to fulfil their mission;
  • Encourage small churches to contribute as a vital part of their District of Baptist churches;
  • Encourage small churches to make an impact on their local community;
  • Encourage the twinning of large and small churches for mutual appreciation and spiritual and practical resourcing.


Events organised by the Small Church Connexion are included in the LBA Diary and advertised in the LBA news.

Who are the Small Church Connexion Team?

  • Hilary Taylor – LBA Small Church Enabler
  • Paul Collett in the South Eastern District
  • Sandra Kimber in the Thames Valley District
  • Daniel Otieno-Ndale in the Western District
  • John Grant in the Northern District
  • Matt Squire in the Northern District
  • Elaine Leck in the East Surrey District
  • Valerie Winchester – newsletter editor – in the South East Thames District

What we have done so far….

  • Formed a central SCC team of small church pastors and workers to plan and pray;
  • Decided our Aims and Objectives;
  • Received full support from Directors, Regional and District Ministers;
  • Held a successful Resources Exhibition in May 2004;
  • Encouraged networking between those from small churches who attended;
  • Produced a Resources Directory;
  • Keeping the small churches informed with mailings;
  • Touring the Districts to meet people where they are;
  • Introduced the LBA Directory and a database manager
  • Held a Resources Exhibition with seminars and prayer in 2005;
  • Held Resources Exhibition and a series of District Training Days 2007;
  • Hilary Taylor published her book “Toolbox for Small Churches” 2007;
  • A series of Practical Workshops during 2008;
  • A series of Encouragement Days during 2009;
  • Spring and autumn celebrations 2010 / 2011;
  • Led a Baptist Assembly day conference in 2012;
  • Held our first small church retreat in 2013;
  • 2014 Encouraged BUGB small church leaders to run small church conferences


When asked, small churches don’t usually ask for money, but people. Small Church, I have found, is the best training ground for serving God and each other in many ways. Although people are willing, they often lack the skills or knowledge. Training would be helpful but a day’s course won’t help much.

What is the best way to learn? Someone doing the job alongside you for a period of time.

Mission@home is the scheme that Small Church Connexion are running, releasing kingdom gifts across London, with mission in mind. Small churches are always looking for ways to grow – they have to be mission minded.

Many people have energy, experience and time when they retire and want to do something for God. There are some good examples of this working already such as two retired lay people each giving their churches 5 years to come to a place to receive a full time minister. Hopefully, people of all ages will rise to the challenge and use their skills to make a difference.

Think of it as mission@home. Many people would love to go on overseas mission but can’t afford it or have visa or health issues. There are plenty of opportunities in London – the city where the world comes to us! From inner city to leafy suburbs. This is mission, to offer skills and experience to another church, to teach others so they can continue when the time is up.

That’s part of the attraction – there is an agreed time limit – 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Each volunteer will have a different skill set and experience and so will be placed where they fit best.

I asked small churches at our latest event what areas of church life could use a volunteer for a period of time and they said:

  • Assisting various projects in our church
  • To help us run a youth discipleship Freedom in Christ course
  • Help with children
  • Spiritual father for young men
  • Worship – evangelism – ministry to men
  • Youth Activities

We have been approached so far to provide someone who can:

  • Help the new secretary and treasurer to build basic infrastructure
  • Provide 3 months leading of the church so minister can go on sabbatical

Small church people can work and be on mission too – this is not just a large church helps small church project. People from small churches are LBA directors, District Ministers, lay preachers, part of Small Church Connexion to name but a few. In Acts 13, Paul and Barnabas were part of the leadership and were sent out to do mission. Our first volunteer is an elder in a large church. Anyone can join the scheme.

For more information, please contact (Hilary Taylor)

LBA Database

This is a list of available men and women who are preachers, worship leaders, musicians and those who have skills as treasurers, and who have risen to the challenge of serving other churches across the LBA. This service is organised for the LBA by the Small Church Connexion.

Every LBA church can benefit from this service as well as sign people up to serve.

The LBA Database Manager is Neil Tresise – call Neil to book someone or to volunteer.


To get in touch with the Small Church Connexion, please contact (Hilary Taylor). Hilary is the LBA Small Church Enabler. See also her Small Churches Blog.

Hilary Taylor (LBA Small Church Enabler)

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