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BUGB/LBA Mission Grants

New Mission Partnership Funding System

Full details of the new scheme for 2016 funding will be published very soon.

Workshops are being held in various districts over the next few weeks to explain the application process in more detail. See Upcoming events on the front page of this web site.

BUGB/LBA Mission Grants

The LBA will consider applications from member churches of the LBA and the Baptist Union for BUGB/LBA Mission Grants. Colin Hicks is the LBA Grants Administrator and is the first point of contact for churches interested in knowing more about these grants.

The over-riding criterion in assessing all grant requests is whether the grant will enable effective mission to take place which would not happen without a grant. There are three main types of grant (Mission through Ministry, Congregation and Projects) that are open to churches plus Special Ministry grants which are open to BUGB/LBA member churches and some other organisations associated with BUGB/LBA member churches.  There is summary information below about these grants but more information about these grants is available from Colin Hicks.

Types of BUGB/LBA Mission Grant

Church-based ministry grants: Most grants are for church-based ministry. These grants are usually paid to BUGB/LBA member churches with BUGB accredited Ministers and they must be paying their Minister the Home Mission standard stipend (or appropriate proportion thereof). They are also available for ministers-in-training and recognised ministers from other denominations in Local Ecumenical Partnerships (LEPs) involving BUGB/LBA member churches. Grants will not normally exceed 50% of stipend. Applications for these grants are considered in annual rounds – applications would normally be submitted in March of one year with successful applications having grant paid from the beginning of the next year.

Special Ministry grants: Some grants can be given towards the cost of a Special Ministry. This covers all ministries not included in other grant categories. Special Ministry grants are not limited to contributions to stipend or to a maximum of a 50% grant. Several Special Ministry grants have been supported in London in recent years – for example, one for a family worker at New Addington Baptist Church and another to support a student worker based at King’s Cross Baptist Church. Applications for these grants are considered in annual rounds – applications would normally be submitted in March of one year with successful applications having grant paid from the beginning of the next year.

Mission through Congregation grants: This category of grant is designed to enable a BUGB/LBA member church or congregation to meet ongoing costs associated with their mission (but not stipend or salary costs). The maximum grant is £5000 per year and they are normally given for no more than five years. Applications for these grants may be made at any point of the year but they are usually processed as part of the annual grant round outlined above.

Mission Project grants: These grants are given to enable BUGB/LBA member churches to respond to the mission needs of their community as part of their ongoing work and ministry. They are one-off grants for new projects or new initiatives within existing projects. Priority is given to innovative and creative evangelistic initiatives and initiatives which are intended to help alleviate poverty or the effects of poverty. Any one Mission Project grant will be no more than £3,000. Applications for these grants may be made at any point of the year.

Applying for a BUGB/LBA Mission Grant

BUGB/LBA member churches or associated organisations considering applying for a grant for church-based ministry, a special ministries grant or a mission through congregation grant should contact Colin Hicks who can let them have an application pack once it is clear which of these grants is relevant to their situation. Churches wishing to apply for a Mission through Projects grant should contact David Shosanya. Colin and David can help churches or visitors engaged in the application processes for each of those grants. Please read carefully the information above about the annual grant round.

Funding for BUGB/LBA Mission Grants

BUGB/LBA Mission Grants are funded using money given on a voluntary basis by member churches to the Baptist Union. This giving, known as Home Mission funding, is used to support mission across the UK. It is used in churches and through the work of the Baptist Union and the Associations as they advise and support the churches in their mission. Click for more details of Home Mission and the work it supports.


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