Home Mission

What is it?

The national Home Mission appeal is the way churches in Baptists Together / BUGB (The Baptist Union of Great Britain) support one another financially and share in the task of ‘Building Healthy Churches in Relationship for God’s Mission’ (the BUGB vision statement).

Home Mission provides

… funding for the thirteen associations.

Each association has a team of regional ministers and other staff who support the local church pastorally, advise on mission and practical matters and organise a variety of useful training events.

… funding for the national resource centre at Baptist House in Didcot, Oxfordshire.

Every member church benefits from advice and help on mission, ministry and communications matters, on legal and financial issues and a variety of useful publications for Baptist churches and colleges. Many staff come from either professional (e.g. accountancy, finance, HR, legal, communications, secretarial, social work) or ministerial backgrounds and are all here to serve the Baptist family. The old slogan – `Every church is a Home Mission church!’ is very true!

… grants to churches and other organisations.

This year around £1.9m will be given to churches and other organisations (mainly churches) to help them in their mission.  The LBA oversees its grant making process through the Mission Partnership Funding Committee (you can apply to it here) LINK


Supporting Home Mission

With costs increasing there is a need to look for savings elsewhere in the budget and an apparently easy target is giving to others. However, most of the cost increases impact right across the Baptist family and they are a particular challenge in those churches receiving Home Mission Grants.

Every church can help by moving their giving towards the target of a minimum of 5% of general fund income being designated for this cause.

We are grateful that the churches of the LBA for continuing to commit themselves to the work of Baptist Home Mission.

THANK YOU for your generosity

Please consider Home Mission to be a priority in your church budget.

For further question on Home Mission please contact Norman Kincaid or a member of the Regional Team.

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