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Talks - Ministers Conference 2015
Ministers Conference 2015 - High Leigh Conference Centre
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Prayers like Monsoon Clouds

In June I attended the Hope for Muslims event at which David Garrison shared about the movements to Christ that are taking place around the world. He classifies a movement as at least 1000 being baptised as believers in the space of 20 years. Since the emergence of Islam in the seventh century there have been 2 movements to Christ in 1200 years. In the 20th century there were 11 movements and in the 21st ce ...

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Practice Intimacy with God

Throughout the gospels we are reminded that Jesus, despite his busy, pressurised and demanding ministry, prioritised time with God, and intentionally created space to be alone with Him (Matthew 14:13; Mark 1:35; Mark 6:32; Luke 4: 42; Luke 8:89). Given this discipline it is no wonder that Christ was able to speak with confidence about doing the will of God when He spoke about ‘whatever the Father does the S ...

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Farewell from Geoff Andrews

This will be my last contribution to the LBA newsletter. On the 11th July I will be going on sabbatical before finishing as Team Leader in mid-October. It has been a challenging role but also very rewarding. There have been difficult situations to face, but the overall picture is positive. I have visited a good many churches and been moved and encouraged by the work that is being done both to develop discip ...

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Song of Songs

A question came to mind last weekend as I was thinking and praying “Which part of the Bible do I read the least?” I picked up my Bible and looked at the edge of the pages and it was easy to see the well-thumbed, discoloured edges of some favourite places; but interspersed were quite a lot (too many…!) of nearly pristine white edges of those sections that obviously get my attention far less. After a moment, ...

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LBA Staffing Update

LBA Staffing issues. The Board of Directors will be keeping you regularly updated on progress to date. Here is a summary of the update given at the London Event last Saturday. • Two task groups have been set up to deal with transitional issues – One to provide support to the regional team in the short-term and the other to facilitate the recruitment of staff. • Additional to the Task Groups are Richard Nich ...

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