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Talks - Ministers Conference 2015
Ministers Conference 2015 - High Leigh Conference Centre
Perry Rise Baptist Church open air event
Racial Justice Sunday
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Holy Week

  A wonderful aspect of our faith is that we can wrestle with our God, even be sacrilegious to a certain extent and in the midst of it find the Lord leading us into a deeper understanding of Him and relationship with Him. Some time ago, as I read the story of the Lord healing a crippled woman on the Sabbath, I found myself sympathising with the Pharisees who said, "There are six days for work. So come ...

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Proclaiming the Gospel

Last week I spent two days in Cumbria with denominational leaders and key influencers from across the UK. The purpose of the gathering sponsored by The Church of England, HOPE and The Evangelical Alliance was to prayerfully reflect on ways in which the church in the UK could be inspired and equipped to be courageous and creative in proclaiming the gospel. One particularly interesting aspect of the gathering ...

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Equality Of All Peoples

As I write, one of the news headlines is of Nigel Farage, party leader of UKIP, indicating that if he were elected he would axe ‘much of’ the race discrimination laws. His argument seemed to be that these are now out of date and we have moved on, and he will no doubt give further reasons for his thinking in due course.   While there will be those who disagree, I believe his comments raise some issues for us ...

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  It has been the week of the annual audit here at LBA this week. Over the years in all the various jobs and roles I have had, there has always been something about having my work scrutinised by another independent person that causes some level of anxiety and trepidation, even when you are confident that there really should be nothing wrong! In my experience, whether they have been OFSTED inspectors or ...

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Engaging in General Election Debate

  Last week the bishops of the Church of England hit the headlines when they issued a pastoral letter to all members of their church ahead of the forthcoming General Election. The letter is not party political; nor does it contain a shopping list of issues that are of particular concern to Christians. Rather the letter seeks “to dig deeper into questions about the trajectory of our political life and v ...

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