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Running a good race

  This weekend sees the celebration of All Saints Day. In recent years Baptist churches have probably been more cognisant of this Christian feast, if only to the extent that some have put on ‘Light Parties’ (or something similar) on 31 October as an antidote to the secular celebration of Halloween.   The writer to the Hebrews wanted to encourage the Christians of his day to be faithful in their fo ...

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“To live a life worthy of our calling.”

  Sometime ago I shared about Brennan Manning's book All is Grace. Manning is best known for his book The Ragamuffin Gospel, in which he speaks of being overwhelmed by the relentless love of God. In it he shares how Christians are uncomfortable with this idea, pointing out the dangers of emphasising the love of God to the exclusion of His righteousness, holiness and exhortation "to live a life worthy o ...

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“Get Confidence”

Over the weekend I had the privilege to speak at a men's conference. The theme for the gathering was Get Confidence. The organizers had a passion for the men that attended to grow in self- confidence at home, in their work, with their friends and at church. The briefing notes of the first session asked me to define confidence biblically. What I discovered hit me with sledge hammer force. The root Hebrew wor ...

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Prayer for the world’s sorrow

The second verse of Timothy Rees’ hymn ‘God is love’ reads: God is love: and He enfoldeth All the world in one embrace; With unfailing grasp He holdeth Every child of every race. And when human hearts are breaking Under sorrow’s iron rod, All the sorrow, all the aching, Wrings with pain the heart of God. It is a verse that I can rarely sing. In fact, there are tears in my eyes as copy it.   It speaks powerf ...

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“I knew you would do that!”

I have been reading the story of Jonah again recently and , amongst many other things, it struck me that in Chapter 4 after the people from Nineveh had repented, Jonah says to God “I knew you would do that!” in the most indignant tone of voice he could muster.   After all he had been through in his fight with God about what he personally felt was right and wrong, Jonah ends up saying he really never ha ...

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