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Racial Justice Sunday
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The light shines in the darkness…

Last week I was listening to a national radio station as they played ‘Hark! The herald angels sing’.  I was moved and inspired by the words.  Here was a carol of conviction proclaiming the glory of Christ and his saving work.   Yes, it is written in the language of the 18th century, but celebrates the truths of the gospel.   These truths were being declared on national radio.   I am convinced that we need t ...

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Making all things new

This weekend is a landmark for me as it represents 25 years since I moved into to my present house. I was thinking back to that frosty December day in 1989 when with my wife and small baby, two cats (and mortgage!) we finally occupied our new home full of excitement and ambitious plans for what we intended to do to make it our home.   A generation has passed and we are still there and, perhaps shameful ...

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‘Remember the Future’

On 18th November, the BBC screened a documentary in the Imagine series exploring the work of the German artist Anselm Kiefer, who currently has an exhibition at the Royal Academy. I was initially attracted to the programme by the title, Remembering the Future. The title was never explained within the programme. Like the works of art it was allowed to stand on its own and speak for itself.   It seems to ...

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Mission and Evangelism in India

Currently I am in Hyderabad India revisiting and exploring mission and evangelism among both the Dalit community and the upper caste communities. Today I visited OM India and heard the wonderful story of how God has led them to become a denomination called the Good Shepherd Community Church, with the blessing of OM International. They have an integrated programme of schools for Dalit children, leadership de ...

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