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Cap walk 6
Talks - Ministers Conference 2015
Ministers Conference 2015 - High Leigh Conference Centre
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Update from LBA Board of Directors

It has been good to have so many expressions of interest on the progress that we are making to recruit a new Regional Team Leader and consequent linked re-appraisal of the role of the LBA and other matters.   Prayer An awareness of our prayerful dependence on God has been integral to all these matters. We now invite all churches to include prayer for the LBA Team, staff and Directors and the wider fell ...

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Dealing with strangers as well as our neighbours

The images of children being washed up on the seashores of Europe have caused many to raise questions about how we as human beings deal with one another. The plight of the migrants we witness on our television screens almost daily is both disturbing and heart breaking and reminds us of our desperate need of a new way to be human - a Christ-like way to be human - that reflects a recognition of our interconne ...

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Meet the Needs of the Poor and the Human Rights of all

Over the past few months two issues have held my attention: migrants seeking to reach Europe and the Labour leadership campaign.   As migrants seek to cross the Channel, sail across the Mediterranean and try to cross borders, we have witnessed some horrific scenes and heard heartrending stories. This week Italian coastguards found 50 people dead in the hold of a boat and rescued 430; this year over 200 ...

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I’m not a big TV watcher, but when I do find a bit of spare time to think I might just like to relax in front of the screen, it strikes me how much of what is on offer I have already seen before! Especially with the myriad of choice (?) of channels these days, it seems to me that about 90% of programmes on the schedule are repeats. You can even watch the same programmes again an hour later on those special ...

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The Master Builder is at Work

Last year at Muswell Hill BC, where I am an Elder, our resident Caretaker retired. We replaced him with a cleaner. The first job was to clear out his large flat so two of us laboured to fill three 12 cu. yd.  skips! Then a committee with building expertise was set up. They first identified the extent of work to be done dealing with damp rot, structural changes to bring the attic into habitable space, replac ...

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