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Moderator Mr John Grant
Deputy Moderator Mrs Rhona Goveia
Regional Minister (Team Leader) Vacancy
Regional Minister (Mission) Revd David Shosanya
Regional Minister (Racial Justice) Revd Kumar Rajagopalan
Company Secretary and Association Administrator Mr Norman Kincaid
Hon. Treasurer Ms Fola Ogunyide
The Chairman of the
London Baptist Property Board Limited
Revd Paul Winchester
The following are not LBA Officers
Small Church Enabler Mrs Hilary Taylor

The following appointments are made by the Annual Assembly:

LBA Auditors
Jacob Cavenagh & Skeet, 5 Robin Hood Lane, Sutton, Surrey SM1 2SW

In addition the LBPB have made the following appointments:

LBPB Solicitors
Carter Lemon Camerons LLP, 10 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4HJ
tel: 020 7406 1000

LBPB Surveyors
Biscoe Craig Hall, 5-6 Staple Inn, Holborn, London WC1V 7QU
tel: 020 7242 4321

The advice of these firms is available to the Association and the churches through Mr Duncan Tuft (of Carter Lemon Camerons) and Mr Robert Stibbards (of Biscoe Craig Hall). It should be noted that whenever professional work is undertaken by their respective firms on behalf of churches, appropriate professional fees will be charged.

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