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Baptist Union

The LBA is one of thirteen regional associations which belong to the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB). Each regional association is independent of the Baptist Union and churches can belong to one and not the other – although most churches which belong to the LBA are also members of the Baptist Union.

Each regional association has a team of regional ministers and administration staff that support the local church pastorally, advise on mission and practical matters and organise training events.

The national resource focuses on those things which are best done together on a national level sometimes facilitating co-operation between regional associations: for example representatives of each association are part of the National Settlement Team which meets ten times a year to help churches looking for ministers to be put in touch with ministers and final year student ministers seeking settlement.

The LBA promotes the Baptist Union’s Home Mission appeal each year as it raises funds from churches and individuals to take forward mission in Great Britain through the Baptist family. Much of the budget of the LBA comes from Home Mission funds.

The LBA appoints representatives to the Baptist Union Council and there are also several people from London on the Baptist Union’s Trustee Board – although they are there in an individual capacity and not as mandated delegates.

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